Our work is driven by the wish to create contemporary outerwear that is valued and loved by our customers. We believe that we have a high ethical responsibility as a fashion brand, and from the very beginning it has been part of our design concept and work to pursue a sustainable and responsible way of making garments. For us this means first and foremost creating functional outerwear of the highest quality which can be worn season after season. It also means producing and sourcing materials locally within the European Union and taking into account the impact on our environment in everything we do. For us, this is an ongoing process that involves a consistent and careful evaluation of our work.



We exclusively produce all our coats in family owned factories throughout Europe. To support short ways and best quality, we predominantly source all materials in Italy and Germany. This also results in a high supply chain transparency as we have known our suppliers and manufacturers for a long time. We are constantly present at the manufacturing factories to overview the making and to ensure the highest quality of our garments. Naturally we care for a friendly and healthy work environment for all our partners.



The high continuity of our product throughout the seasons allows us to produce our garments with hardly any waste. We carry over materials from season to season and can therefore avoid waste. We regularly donate leftovers from sampling to art schools in Berlin so that they can find a new purpose. Since we only produce to order, we have no overproduction. We deliberately keep the amount of materials needed for packaging at a minimum.




Our goose down derives from the Italian company MINARDI PIUME. Its RDS „Responsible Down Standard“-certification guarantees a traceable production and makes sure that animals are treated with respect and must not be subject to unnecessary harm. MINARDI down is a by-product of the food industry and is the highest quality of goose down available on the market.



The rabbit fur which is used for the hoods and linings of our parkas derives from Poland, where the animals live on open land. The fur is a by-product of the food industry and is hand-selected by us and manufactured by a small family-run manufacturer in Poland.