Our work is driven by the wish to create contemporary outerwear that is valued and loved by our customers.
We are excited about sharing the signature Lempelius style which is infused both by todays cosmopolitic way of life and the pureness and naturalness of northern coasts. We believe that as a fashion brand we have a special ethical responsibility and from the start on it has been part of our design concept and work to pursue a sustainable and
responsible way of making garments. For us this means first of all to create purposeful outerwear of the highest quality that can be worn season after season. It also means to produce and source materials locally inside the European Union and to consider the impact we have upon our environment with everything we do. This for us is an ongoing process that involves to consistently and mindfully evaluate our work.


We exclusively produce all our coats in family owned factories throughout Europe. This means short ways for all materials which we predominately source in Italy and Germany as well as for the ready made garments.
It also results in a high supply chain transparency as we have known our suppliers and manufacturers for a long time. We are constantly present at the manufacturing factories to overview the making and so ensure the high quality of our coats. Naturally we care for a friendly and healthy environment for all our 


The high continuity in our product over the seasons allows us to produce our garments with hardly any waste. We can carry over materials from season to season and avoid leftovers this way. Leftovers from sampling we regularly donate to art schools in Berlin so they find a new purpose. As we only produce by order we have no overproduction. We consciously try to keep the amount of materials needed for packaging at a minimum.