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Our work is driven by the desire to craft contemporary outerwear that resonates with our customers, embodying values of quality, style, and sustainability. From the very beginning, it has been part of our design philosophy to embrace a responsible and ethical way of making garments and integrate these values into our production methods. Our foremost commitment is a sustainable approach to creating functional outerwear of exceptional quality, built to withstand the test of time. We prioritize sourcing and producing materials locally within the European Union, mindful of our environmental impact at every step. Our dedication to sustainability is an ongoing journey that entails continuous evaluation and meticulous attention to detail.


All our coats and jackets are crafted exclusively in family-owned factories across Europe, where craftsmanship and attention to detail are highly emphasized. To ensure short production routes and highest quality, we primarily source materials from Italy and Germany. This approach not only shortens the supply chain but also enhances transparency, as we have established long-standing relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers. We maintain a constant presence at the manufacturing factories, closely overseeing the production process to guarantee the utmost quality of our garments. Naturally, we foster a friendly and healthy work environment with all our partners. By choosing to work with these skilled artisans, we not only support local economies but also ensure that each garment is crafted with precision and care.


By maintaining a high level of product continuity from season to season, we significantly minimize excess in our garment production. We carefully repurpose materials from previous seasons, effectively reducing any unnecessary waste. Additionally, we regularly donate leftover materials from our sampling process to art schools in Berlin, giving them a chance to be creatively repurposed. Since we exclusively produce on-demand, we avoid overproduction altogether. Furthermore, we consciously keep the amount of packaging materials required at a minimum.


We exclusively source our goose and duck down from the Italian company MINARDI PIUME renowned for providing the highest 90/10 quality down on the market. MINARDI down is a by-product of the food industry and holds the RDS (responsible down standard) certification. This certification guarantees a transparent production process and ensures the ethical treatment of animals. Furthermore, they also hold the GRS (global recycled standard) and OEKOTEX 100 certificates. The fill power of our down is 700 ­— 720 cuin. We use around 1 to 1.2 kg of high quality ultra light down for our signature down coats to keep you warm.


We responsibly source the rabbit fur which is used for the hoods and linings of our parkas. Over the years we have established a strong, long-lasting collaboration with a small family-run rabbit manufacturer in Poland. The fur is a by-product of the food industry. The rabbits, living freely on open land, provide the soft fur which is hand-selected by our team. Thus, ensuring the highest quality of fur to create our outerwear.